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Welcome to the home of Callboot. Callboot is a small appliance that monitors incoming calls to help manage robocalls, harassing and nuisance calls by telemarketers, phony bill collectors, credit card offers and other miscreants.

Callboot is specifically designed to protect senior citizens who use landlines as their primary means of communication.1 They are often vulnerable and actively preyed upon by miscreants. They are also less technological savvy and need a turn key solution that "just works" with little to no configuration and management.

Callboot monitors all incoming calls. Suspicious calls are detected using dynamic analysis and call histories. Suspicious calls are terminated by flashing the hook. After flashing a call trace is performed with the carrier.

Suspicious calls are reported to Verizon or Comcast's Unlawful Call Center (UCC), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). FTC and FCC reporting requires an internet connection. If a call trace is performed then the FTC and FCC are informed a trace is available.

Callboot is one product among many. Some of the other products are provided at the Related Products page. As far as we know, Callboot is the only product targeting seniors with landlines, provides near zero-conf, responds to voice commands, automatically traces suspicious calls, and automatically files FCC and FTC complaints.


If you are in the Pasadena, Maryland area then please contact us for testing. We are especially interested in retired baby-boomers with adult children. The adult children can handle the minor technical tasks like setting up the modem in their parent's basement. At the moment only local testing is available.

While seniors were our motivation for creating Callboot, we need users from all demographics. The more users we have the more data we have to stop telemarketers, bill collectors and other miscreants.

1 Landlines are still popular in the United States, especially among retirees and senior citizens. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention 45% of households have landline service. That is roughly 182 million people in the United States. Retirees and seniors aged 62 and over make up 72% of those with landline service.

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