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Callboot is a small appliance that monitors incoming calls to help manage robocalls, harassing and nuisance calls by telemarketers, phony bill collectors, political committees, credit card offers and other miscreants.

We created the early prototypes to help protect our retired parents from the barrage of incoming spam and scams. The situation became critical after two events. First, one charity was calling three times a day and did not respect do not call wishes. Second, during the 2018 election cycle, the volume of robocalls and nuisance calls nearly doubled. It was bad enough when charities, telemarketers and phony bill collectors would not leave them alone. Then the politicians started abusing their phone as well.

We tried to manage the spam and scams using Verizon's Call Block service. We quickly realized Verizon's service was nearly useless because of barriers and design defects. For example, one barrier required a 75 year-old to go online and log into their Verizon account. Another barrier required calling technical support for a password reset. And a design defect is the 100-caller block limit, where only 100 callers may be blocked. Verizon should know that the 100-caller block limit can be exceeded in less than a week.

We also remember an event that happened to one of our grandparents in the late 1990s. A scam artist swindled one of our grandparents out of thousands of dollars. We feel the event could have been prevented if the communication channel was broken. A con artist cannot swindle if they don't have a method to communicate.

Tax Exempt

The company that provides Callboot will be a Tax Exempt organization organized under IRS tax law 501(c)(3). We will obtain tax exempt status because we help government and law enforcement protect our senior citizens. Tax Exempt organizations must provide their financial statements to the public for inspection. You can find our financial statements as Financials.

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