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Help Wanted

The project is currently seeking an Android specialist, a Web specialist, a Voice specialist and Social Media specialist. Existing Voice features need to be improved. New features have been identified and we would like help implementing them. The new features are an Android app for younger users, and a web-based configuration for Callboot. A Social Media specialists is needed to promote the project.

Candidates must be self motivated problem solvers. Candidates will be evaluated on their skills and past projects. Candidates should bring samples of their past work and be prepared to demo them.

We run the organization like an open source project. You are expected to perform or leave the project. We don't require background checks. We don't care what is in you past. The only criteria is, you must be able to identify and solve problems.

Note well: we do not have funding yet. We hope to have funding in the next several months. We completely understand if you cannot wait for a funded position.

[ Android Nexus Phone ]


The Android specialist will create the Android app and port features. The person working on Android will own the Android part of the project.

The Android app needs a new Android Studio project, a few activities and business logic. The business logic includes monitoring for incoming calls, parsing the Caller ID information, allowing or denying the call, interacting with the modem and Radio Interface Layer (RIL), and reporting suspicious calls to the UCC, FCC and FTC. The business logic also includes database maintenance, like daily downloads of new definitions and purging old definitions.

The Android person will also need to document setting up the build environment, building the app, and other related processes and procedures.


The Web specialist will improve the website and provide a web-based front-end for Callboot configuration. The person working on the website will own the web part of the project.

The website utilizes Fedora 39 Server and Nginx 1.24. The site is lean and mean but could benefit from a small refresh.

The configuration subsystem is more challenging. The web specialist will need to select a lightweight server for the device, design the configuration screens, integrate into the existing configuration file and propose file system, ACL and SELinux changes.

The Web person will also need to document setting up the server on the device, document the website, and other related processes and procedures.


The Voice specialist will improve the voice capabilities of the device. The person working on voice commands will own the voice part of the project.

The Voice person will select a library, integrate the library and train the model. This portion of the project presents some of the most challenging tasks.

The Voice person will also need to document setting up the library on a desktop, document the integration, document the training, and other related processes and procedures.

Social Media

The Social Media specialist will promote the Callboot company and its services, disseminate the mission of protecting senior citizens, develop advertising strategies, and manage social media accounts. The person working in this position will own this part of the project.

The Social Media specialist will need to help with funding, including initiatives like Kickstarter campaigns.

The Social Media person will also need to document social media accounts and ensure usernames and passwords are available to other team members for emergency purposes.


[ OLED Display ]

The Callboot project has several other important tasks that should be addressed. Other tasks include designing a logo, writing a manual in docbook, improving voice commands, integrating with two telco databases through web services, integrating an 128x64 OLED display and finalizing a case design for manufacture.

Another ambitious task is to set up build pipelines for cross-compiling, package the executables, and then make them available like a Debian *.deb, Fedora *.rpm or a Ubuntu PPA. Contribute to what seems interesting when you can.

We circulated Help Wanted flyers on community boards in the Pasadena, Maryland area. A pdf version of the flyer can be found online at Help Wanted.


Callboot is the first of three projects to help senior citizens. The second project is a LineageOS-based smart phone using pre-owned Android phones. The phone will be customized for senior citizens with a controlled app store that is free of malware and adware. We have an early prototype on a Google Nexus with some customizations applied.

The third project is Zorin-like operating system based on Fedora customized for seniors citizens. The OS can be installed on tablets, notebooks and desktop computers. It will also have a controlled app store that is free of malware and adware.

There is a lot going on and we hope you stick around.

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