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[ Libre LePotato ]

The following is a list of boards Callboot is tested on. Most of the boards cost between $20 and $60 USD.

The minimum requirements are a 700 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and a USB port for the modem.

Note: The list is in addition to desktop PCs, like a Dell or HP workstation.


[ Startech Modem ]

The following is a list of modems Callboot is tested with. The USB modems cost between $10 and $50 USD. The generic USB modems with Conexant CX93001 chipsets work fine. The external modems are more expensive.

The minimum requirements are Caller ID capable modem. Most modems since about 2000 with V.90 are Caller ID capable.

Note: Software-based Linmodems and Winmodems are not officially supported. They may work but there are no guarantees.

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